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Web Design

With eminent web designers at Skynet Technologies, we create a broader window for you to connect with your customers online. Our web design services include custom, responsive, search engine optimized, secured (HTTPs), AMP and professionally designed to expand your business reach. We create a prototype of your project based on your business requirements and present you with the best design interfaces. We have cross-disciplinary experts who collaborate with clients, understand their digital needs and deliver a stunning experience that stands out in the online realm.

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Web Design


UX Design

Our UX designers are prudent, intuitive, and anticipate the entire user journey, focusing on the heightened scope including the accessibility aspects. We extensively analyze both the users’ behavior and the core features of the system to allow the accurate rendering of all the visual and functional aspects. Our team brainstorms & engages with the customer, does user research, creates personas, combining user insights, UX best practices, audit and branding to craft simple, intuitive, and delightful interface design solutions that fit the brand’s purpose and user needs.

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UX Design


UI Design

Our design philosophy is to create user-centric interfaces that conform to what the users demand. We weave all the features and details of a website structure together into a single interface to engage and keep the users hooked on it. We keep channeling the best-informed efforts into designing the architecture of the application and build a user-centered work process. We incorporate modern UI design patterns, pay careful attention to all aspects of the UI from typography to color choice, and craft user interfaces that fit both brand and product functions.

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UI Design


ADA Compliant
Web Design

Skynet Technologies is a full-service provider of ADA Compliant Website Design, Accessibility Web Development, ADA Compliance Audit, ADA Compliance Mobile App, and other ADA Compliance Services. We understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 compliance standards and deliver accessible website design and development services that conform to the industry standard set by WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1, and EN 301549. By making the website ADA compliant, we help you to avoid penalties and legal action.

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ADA Compliant
Web Design


Wire-framing &

We convert ideas into demonstrable wireframes establishing relationships between elements - navigation, imagery, and call-to-action. The behavior of your website or online store can be shown in a clear and concise manner by designing low-fidelity and fully-interactive prototypes. Once the structure overview and user flows are determined, we create detailed wireframes on a granular level to order all the components. We create prototyping and provide ideal space for collaborative conversations, design solutions while supporting rapid ideation and iterations.

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Wire-framing &


Mobile App Design

If you want to build a ubiquitous brand presence, Go Mobile! We build custom designed mobile applications to take your business to the palms of your customers. We design professional mobile applications with elegant interfaces, perfect icons, and stellar designs. We provide mobile app designs for Android, iOS, flutter as well as hybrid and cross-platform applications. Our mobile app design services include idea genesis, interactive prototypes, mobile UI/UX designs, and declutter the interfaces to create slick and convenient screen spaces.

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Mobile App Design


Ecommerce Design

Building thriving ecommerce stores for our clients is our strongest forte. Our ecommerce UI/UX design services include custom, responsive, SEO enabled services for diverse platforms like Magento, Drupal Commerce, BigCommerce, osCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. We create home pages, category pages, product pages, shopping carts, one-page check out, payment gateways, with the utmost care and attention that improves the overall funnel experience of your customers. Ecommerce stores that are built by us are optimized to drive organic traffic, improve customer engagement, reduce the cart abandonment rate, drive potential customers as well as repeat customer base. We also take care of Google PageSpeed guidelines for overall website performance.

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Ecommerce Design


Website Revamp /

As your business evolves, your website should too. We are a growth-driven design agency that fosters your business growth by achieving your core business objectives. We do the website revamp or redesign that is engineered to drive leads and sales to your business in the shortest time possible with the least amount of effort. Our design experts are well-versed in various web design and development technologies such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and many other frameworks. Whether you want to replace any outdated elements, change the theme, redesign the landing pages, migrate to new hosting accounts or do a complete overhaul of your website, we are here to help you out.

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Website Revamp /


Logo Design and

Design acts as a silent brand ambassador for your business and hence we take utmost care to design meticulously. We finely craft your logo designs and branding aspects that bring a distinct identity to your business and make you stand out of the crowd. We perform prudent planning and meticulous brainstorming as successful branding cannot be generated in a flash. With a myriad of branding and design services, we create a corporate identity for your business and positively influence your target audience.

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Logo Design and

Build Interactive Websites That Meet Your 
Business Goals and Users’ Needs

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The simpler, the better!

There is no magic pill to create interactive interfaces. However, it is proven that the best interfaces are practically invisible to the user. We create decluttered interfaces by omitting the unnecessary elements, create shortcuts where we can, and use clear language within the website or app. We make no mistake in creating simple user interfaces that are clear, intuitive, and helpful. Simple UI solves users’ pains in an optimal way saving efforts and time.

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Order things by the level of importance

The web pages must be laid out purposefully with proper placement of UI elements and requisite information that keeps the visitor’s attention intact. They shouldn’t find the page interface cluttered with unnecessary elements that keep them away from finding the information they are looking for. We place the UI elements and information in proper places that enable the users to effectual functions, aid in navigation, CTAs, and readability.

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Intuitive UI

Our designers start on the right foot by creating typography visual hierarchies in order to create unique designs that are inspired and delightful to users. We keenly consider how the interface is employed by taking into account the type size, font, color, contrast, position, and alignment, which will impact the perceived importance of certain information and functions. We follow or break the rules as necessary to intuitively arrange the hierarchies.

Figure out the style icon

Figure out the style

Our UI/UX design team is masterfully skilled in understanding human behavior and designing the interfaces accordingly. We pick the colors and textures strategically in regard to the interface elements to direct towards or redirect attention away from a particular element or information as an inevitable tactic. We highlight the portions that need to grab the user's attention in a crafty way.

Deliberate the structure icon

Deliberate the structure

Different industry niches may require different kinds of interfaces. Having had vast industry experience, we understand the design nuances very well that we build industry-specific interfaces with great finesse. The color palette for your app is customized as per your industry. For instance, if your app pertains to children, we tend to pick an array of bright and playful colors. And if it is something like a finance or insurance app, we use bold and solid colors that create a professional outlook.

Consistency is key icon

Consistency is key

Consistency is vital to building a lasting impression on website visitors. Having a consistent experience that resonates with your business ethos helps in creating a strong brand presence for your business. We make sure the themes, colors, elements, or icons seen in your app remains intact and consistent all through the website. Any anomaly may create unnecessary confusion and higher drop-off rates.

Accessibility features icon

Accessibility features

Social inclusion is one of the driving factors of our business. We take into account the needs of all people and strive to make the web an inclusive space by adhering to ADA and WCAG design standards. We break the barriers that exclude a section of people with visual, motor, auditory, or cognitive impairments from accessing your website with designs that are fully compliant with the WCAG international guidelines.

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Branding that sells your product

Creating a strong brand identity is one of our goal. We offer unmatched branding services to our clients that uplift their digital presence and make them unknown in the market. We make sure that your customers know about your services and what they could expect from you. We work closely with your team to design and develop layouts, color palettes, and style guides that reflect your brand vision while enhancing the interface usability aspects.

Best Digital Experiences for Your Websites and Mobile Apps

  • Long-Lasting UI/UX Visual Impact
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Websites
  • Perfect User Experience
  • Agile Methodology
  • Shorter Loading Times
  • Building Brand Trust
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Build to Grow
  • Mobile Responsive & Search-Engine Friendly
  • Reliable, Rapid & Renowned Delivery
  • Lead-focused and Outcome Oriented
  • Rebrand the existing legacy Business
  • Time-tested Designs and superfast iterations
  • Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative


UI/UX Web design is creating a structure of website or digital product with easy & defining a way of how user navigates, how they know to go forward, what they experience, how to improve overall experience of users and more. For more information, please contact us.

We offer unmatched branding services for your company and you don’t need a separate branding agency. We strive to focus on the branding aspects of your business and create a strong identity among your customers. If you require any type of service, feel free to request a quote!

Our design services are meant for both web and mobile apps. We are also skilled in offering AMP, responsive design, Portal development, single-page apps, graphics, logo designs are also our specialized services. In a nutshell, our design services are - User Research, UX strategy and design, Strategic UI/UX design consulting, Wireframing, Prototypes, Information Architecture, Graphic Design Services, Branding Identity Services, Mobile App Design, and Usability Testing. For more information, you can get in touch with us!

Of course, we can. Please get in touch with our UI/UX design team and demonstrate your current designs and let us know your expectations. We would revamp and redesign your enterprise as per your specified needs.

You can contact us with a detailed requirement roadmap. After a thorough feasibility study, we will get back to you with the project milestones. You can give us a go-ahead or get in touch with us for any changes in the proposed plan.

An ADA compliant web design allows all the disabled - auditory, motor, visual, or cognitive impairments to use your website with ease. With proper video/audio transcripts, using the right color contrasts, font, organized layouts, and more, you can have your website ADA compliant. Skynet Technologies strictly follows ADA guidelines for all our website design and development. For more information, please get in touch with us!

We optimize the design elements and interfaces with proper hierarchy and organization. We also remove any unnecessary elements that slow down the page load. We follow the best design practices to declutter the page.

If you have ready-made content for your website, you can share it with us and we see if it is fully optimized for the search engines. If required, we have a team of content writers who can understand and create content & add it to your website. We make sure only unique, engaging and relevant content goes on to your website.

Some of the early signs that your website needs to be updated are

  • If your website or mobile app is clunky
  • If your site is not responsive
  • If your SEO strategy is bad or keyword stuffing
  • If it takes a longer time to load
  • If the theme is outdated
  • If there has been a gradual slump in your traffic

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Yes. We have a professional team of designers who can work as your extended team. Web design, design revamp, mobile app design, logo design, you name it, we got everything covered for you. You just let our design team know your requirements, we would come up with a feasible plan suitable to your needs. Our UI/UX professionals would get engaging and stunning designs in no time.

Yes. If you want to build or make your web design ADA compliant, you can bank on us. We incorporate WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines to improve the accessibility and usability of your website designs.

We firmly believe that UI/UX designs can make or break the user experience. So, we strive to provide good designs that increase your conversion rates by 4x times. We supplement your digital marketing strategies with beautiful UI/UX designs.

Skynet Technologies is a specialized UI/UX design agency for websites, web apps and mobile apps. Our focus areas expand across 4 elements -

  1. Business Strategy - We devise a holistic business strategy that incorporates both the customer’s needs and those of your company. Our UI/UX strategists work closely with your key business stakeholders and design teams to make sure everything gets right and align with the strategic goals of your business.

  2. User Research - We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research gathering in-depth insights into your target audience behavior. We have a cross-functional team that is associated with the research and product team.

  3. Information Architecture - Our UI/UX design team understands the various aspects of information architecture. We assess the current products, plan for the new assignments, and create wireframes and prototypes.

  4. Interaction Designs - By focusing on how a user interacts with certain elements, we structure the designs and optimize them for a delightful experience. We strive to reduce the friction between the products and users.

Get in touch with us to know more!

Our design services are meant for both web and mobile apps. We are also skilled in offering responsive designs. Portal development, single-page apps, graphics, logo designs are also our specialized services. In a nutshell, our design services are - User Research, UX strategy and design, Strategic UI/UX design consulting, Wireframing, Prototypes, Information Architecture, Graphic Design Services, Branding Identity Services, Mobile App Design, and Usability Testing.

We can give a concrete answer once we know your design requirements. You can get in touch with our UI/UX designer team who takes down your requirements and they can come to a proper plan along with the pricing and timelines.

Yes, of course. We work with enterprises of all scales and sizes. We customize our services and offer them at an affordable price for early stage startups and bootstrapped companies.

Firstly, our design experts brainstorm over your requirements and then unleash their plan, sitemap with you; After approval; They will create a intuitive and interactive mockup and move forward for designing your website to delight your customers! We have a strong communication process through which you would able to know of all the design.

Yes. ADA compliant websites have both social and tangible business benefits. ADA compliant websites not only improve the user experience for all the website visitors but also improve the search engine rankings. They make the web a socially inclusive space for everyone.

We enable SSL encryption on all the pages and make your website more secure. We also install any security modules or plugins to tighten the security of your website. Our designers also enact end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication to build trust. Also, user data is of utmost importance and hence we follow the best practices to safeguard the privacy of user’s data.

At Skynet Technologies, both the design and development teams strictly focus on creating responsive websites. We are mindful of mobile traffic and we make sure that you won’t miss out on the prospective customers due to shoddy design and build. We also create AMP design.

With a staggering increase in handheld devices like mobile, tablet, there is a compelling need to make your websites responsive. More than 53% of web traffic has been from mobile phones, so it is imperative to make sure your websites are responsive.

Once the website is launched and before it is known to the world, make sure you do the following - start developing fresh content, create social media presence, optimize your website for all kinds of search, and focus on building a strong digital advertising strategy. Contact us for any kind of assistance.

Of course we design SEO friendly if client has hired our SEO services. That’s a spin-off impact of availing UI/UX designs with us. We optimize the designs by simplifying the navigation, picking the proper layouts, optimizing the images and videos, and more. We also optimize the load speed to improve the user experience which eventually improves the SEO score.

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We love solving complex UI and UX challenges & help organizations at every step to elevate their user experience. Whether you are looking for UI/UX web design services for website, custom applications, mobile applications, enterprise applications or e-commerce store, you are at the right place. Our team of UI/UX designers and developers are well-informed with the latest design trends and user experience strategies to deliver their best. Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

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