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ExpressionEngine website configuration and set-up services

If you’ve decided on investing in ExpressionEngine services that come with a multitude of benefits like scalability, security, and portability across all platforms, it is recommended to choose professional developers from Skynet Technologies. We do the server setup and configuration for you and develop the website with all the requisite features.

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ExpressionEngine website configuration and set-up services


ExpressionEngine consultancy services

Skynet Technologies is a trusted advisor providing reliable consulting services to help you overcome the inherent risks and improve your organizational efficiency. We do a thorough analysis, offer a clear vision, and draft effective strategies, to improve performance, reduce the risks, and reap unbelievable benefits. We have the ability to solve the client’s most complex issues with our portfolio of consulting services.

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ExpressionEngine consultancy services


ExpressionEngine Add-On Plugin Development

We are specialists in building business-on-the-go and at-fingertips by skillful use of the plugins. We help businesses proliferate by creating bespoke add-on plugins catering to the specific needs of your business. We create more attractive and appealing websites by fostering with suitable plugins to enrich the websites with unique capabilities.

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ExpressionEngine Add-On Plugin Development


ExpressionEngine Multi-Site Development

How about creating and managing multiple websites from a single installation? Yes, you can use the current domain, sub-domain, or both for multiple websites but with different layout and templates. We help you to figure out the best way to leverage the single ExpressionEngine installation across multiple internet properties.

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ExpressionEngine Multi-Site Development


ExpressionEngine UI/UX

An impeccable design can totally transform your business. We deliver beautifully designed and thoughtfully built websites that are not only technically sound but also visually appealing. You don’t have to worry about some cookie-cutter web templates. We don’t limit your design architecture; we customize to make it a best fit across all media and device platforms.

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ExpressionEngine UI/UX


ExpressionEngine Third-Party Tools Integration

We help you wade through a sea of choices to augment your ExpressionEngine website functionality. Based on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, we will select the right tools and applications for your website. The end result will be a seamless, and enriching customer experience.

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ExpressionEngine Third-Party Tools Integration


ExpressionEngine Exceptionally Secure

Any security breach would nullify all the other benefits offered by the CMS. But gladly, ExpressionEngine is a highly secure system, and never has there been any major breach. Our team still focuses on building a great firewall of security systems to protect your site from any unanticipated and unforeseen cyber-attacks.

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ExpressionEngine Exceptionally Secure


ExpressionEngine Improve Website Performance

ExpressionEngine inherently renders your pages faster but there is still a lot much to do. From leveraging the browser caching, minimizing the HTTP requests, optimizing the images, using a CDN, query disabling, there is a lot more to do to improve your website performance. We also use additional plugins and modules to create superlative user experiences.

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ExpressionEngine Improve Website Performance


ExpressionEngine support & maintenance services

We leave no stone unturned to keep our esteemed clients satisfied. We offer 24*7 dedicated support and maintenance services to them to facilitate a thriving website. We collaborate with them on regular maintenance operations as well on crucial updates. We build a strong bond with our clients through our pre and post-development services.

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ExpressionEngine support & maintenance services


Full ExpressionEngine Website Accessibility Remediation Service

The business who are considering to make website full ADA WCAG 2.1 compliance; we provide ExpressionEngine website accessibility remediation services including audit, consulting, remediation, maintenance, monitoring, training, and support. It is ideal for websites and digital assets of large enterprises, Federal and state government. Our solution can make your website compliance for any of following standards - ADA, WCAG 2.1, ATAT 2.0, Section 508, Australian DDA, European EAA EN 301 549, UK Equality Act (EA), Israeli Standard 5568, California Unruh, Ontario AODA, Canada ACA, German BITV, and France RGAA.

Read more about Full ExpressionEngine Website Accessibility Remediation Service
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Full ExpressionEngine Website Accessibility Remediation Service


Quick ExpressionEngine Website Accessibility Remediation

ExpressionEngine All in One Accessibility module is based on assistive technology and AI to enhance the accessibility and usability of the website quickly. It can be installed in just 2 minutes. It improves website accessibility according for the standards including WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, Section 508, Australian DDA, European EAA EN 301 549, UK Equality Act (EA), Israeli Standard 5568, California Unruh, Ontario AODA, Canada ACA, German BITV, and France RGAA standards. It is ideal for start-ups, micro, small, and medium business websites who intent to have user experience enhancements and more than basic level accessibility compliance.

The ExpressionEngine All in One Accessibility free version is limited to 23 features, and it will work on websites having less than 5k Pageviews per month; while the Pro version is available with 52+ features, and its pricing varies based on the size and pageviews of the website.

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Quick ExpressionEngine Website Accessibility Remediation

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ExpressionEngine Development Benefits

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Easy and User-friendly

Our ExpressionEngine developers have proved that it is an easy and user-friendly CMS as we do all the heavy lifting and you don’t have to put in great efforts to work and update your site. We design the user interface in a way that the website and content management become simple and user-friendlier. Even if you have zero knowledge about PHP, you can use the website to update or make modifications without developer help every time.

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We help you capitalize on the rich features of ExpressionEngine. We develop and design your website extensively and you can manage everything from your dashboard. You won't be bound by limitations and with us, onboard you can take full advantage of the evolving features of this CMS and create perfect websites for diversified business requirements.

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Freedom to build

Not everyone has the potential to utilize the freedom of development envisaged by ExpressionEngine. Skynet Technologies has been building and designing the websites from scratch, making modifications whenever needed, adding new content that is appealing to users. We let our developers create optimal websites without any limitations.

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Extensive Online Documentation

We would assist you in making full use of the online documentation when you face any issues. You can also get a bit of information and assistance from our developers. You can find about the installation, updates, front-end, back-end, and other support documents that provide you a fair bit of an idea about the whole process. But don’t dread over this, just hit up if you need quick help.

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Third-party Integrations

Not all are as efficient as the Skynet Technologies team in providing hassle-free third-party integrations. We can overcome all the bottlenecks involved as we have years of experience and hence any third-party integrations are as easy as pie. Minor and major disruptions that arise in the process are tactically dealt with and make the entire process seamless.

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Multi-site Manager

When more than two sites are linked, usually they are done in a flippant manner. Our team doesn’t provide faulty multi-site functionality. With the ExpressionEngine multi-site feature, we help you manage multiple sites with one installation from a single dashboard. Any finicky configuration issues would be handled by our team.

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Advanced Caching Techniques

Speed is a skill. We use in-built caching of the ExpressionEngine CMS to speed up the rendering of the HTML tags and load the pages faster. This caching is not applied by default. Based on the size and structure of your website, we help you pick the best caching technique among tag caching, template caching, dynamic channel query caching, etc. We can also use third-party caching servers to enhance the site speed.

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Vibrant Community

We are excited to be part of the huge and vibrant ExpressionEngine community. We serve our clients better by being an incredible part of the community forums. We utilize the support system - extensive forums, user guides, videos, discussion groups, to find solutions to our clients’ problems. Join us to make better use of membership capabilities.

Extensive ExpressionEngine After- 
Development Capabilities

Incredible ExpressionEngine Solutions to build your digital footprint!

Customized Website

It was almost impossible to customize your website hacking the core if not for ExpressionEngine! In a nutshell, with ExpressionEngine, we were able to build customized solutions to our clients with unbelievable turnaround time. Our developers will build customizable backend interfaces in a breeze.
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Optimized User Experience

You can make or break your business depending on your website optimization. We do the performance, speed, code, SEO optimizations to ensure that the websites are fully optimized and provide the best and optimal user experiences. We follow best coding practices and create intuitive designs that create the best and lasting impression on your website visitors.
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Smart SEO

Out of sight, out of mind is the success formula of online businesses. With smart SEO plugins, we can work on optimizing the SEO related attributes that can grab some eyeballs. We supplement this by following strict SEO guidelines right from the beginning till the deployment. Get amazed after taking a look at how comprehensive our SEO services are!
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Social Media Integration

Your customers are everywhere! Most of the business falters in having and executing social media strategies. They get clumsier and cumbersome if not organized properly. Create your content once and deliver it to different pages, mobile apps, or social media without recreating it. Enjoy the feature “create once, publish everywhere”. No more hassles.
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Rich Design Interfaces

While there is a big splurge in the web applications in the market, Skynet Technologies is your go-to place for building rich user interfaces that boosts the right engagement. With our smart UI designs, you can make the user’s interaction more lucid and comprehensible. This, in turn, has a huge knock-on effect in the form of fostering business growth.
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Responsive Websites

With fluid and flexible layouts supplemented by optimized browsing experiences, we create all our ExpressionEngine websites mobile-friendly. Our websites easily and automatically adapt to the device and provide you a number of benefits that are in line with Google recommendations. With minimal resizing and scrolling, visitors not just flock but also convert into your loyal customers.
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It is a highly subjective question that varies from client to client. We need to know your project size, requirements, domain as well as platform prior to pinning a timeline to you.

You can full up this form and we will connect with you. Discuss your project requirements and business vision, craft a feasibility plan, and provide the project plan with a price quote and timeframe. Once you give us a go-ahead, we put our best foot forward and complete the project. Before deploying it, we will give a demo and incorporate your feedback if provided. The final result would speak for itself with a brilliant conversion pitch.

Yes, we do. We usually provide our clients the entire time plan and get everything done within the outlined time frame. However, in case you want to move back the dates and get it done sooner, please contact us. Based on the development team’s availability, we would let you know.

We have developed an intimate knowledge about ExpressionEngine CMS by working on a number of strategies and techniques. We do have prior experience in assisting our clients and building elegant, powerful ExpressionEngine websites flawlessly.

Yes, we can help you in migrating from your current website to ExpressionEngine CMS seamlessly. Our team will ensure that your data is moved safely and securely to the new website.

We take website security very seriously. We don’t want to erode the visitor's trust and confidence. So, we secure the websites by securing the files and folders, managing the access points, deploying any updates responsibly, get SSL setup on your server, and even secure specific sections on your website.

Of course, we will. But first, we need to review your current website and coding standards before making the final call. Then we deploy our best team to help you clean and fix the code

We are committed to strict coding standards and follow the best industry standards. We have experienced and certified developers who built professional and sturdy applications earlier. They are fully dedicated and work with client satisfaction as the primary objective.

You can discuss your project requirements with us. We dive into your specifications, needs, goals, and vision. After brainstorming, our business analyst prepares a project roadmap, feasibility plan, and outlines the timeframe. We finally provide you the quote and we will start our work once we get a go-ahead from you.

We are one of the top-rated SEO service companies driving more traffic and improving the rankings on Google SERPs. Building faster loading websites, optimizing the URL link structure, fixing the broken links, creating responsive designs, providing the meta tags, and a bunch of other things is part of our comprehensive SEO services. We also incorporate SEO plugins to keep you in the frontline race. We can confidently proclaim that all the websites built by us are inherently SEO optimized.

Yes. We sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and strictly comply with it before the client avail of our services. We don’t disclose any of your information without consent and your project information would be under the warps adhering to the data protection measures. All our employees also adhere to strict confidentiality measures to nullify the unauthorized sharing of information and security breaches.

Each of our clients has unique needs and goals that require a different approach. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach instead we tailor our solutions to personalize them and help our clients reach their full potential.

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